Bus Interchange – Christchurch – NZ

IMG_9602 IMG_9606 IMG_9586 BI_STAGE_02-32 BI_STAGE_02-28 BI_STAGE_02-27 BI_STAGE_02-25 BI_STAGE_02-21 BI_STAGE_02-20 BI_STAGE_02-19 BI_STAGE_02-18 BI_STAGE_02-9 BI_STAGE_02-1 IMG_9628 IMG_9607 IMG_9633 IMG_9596 IMG_9634


One thought on “Bus Interchange – Christchurch – NZ

  1. Hello
    Could you please provide a quote for photographing a residential project based out in Tai Tapu?
    The deadline is 12th February and we would be looking at around 10 images. We would need license of the photos so that we could use in publications, marketing etc when we wanted to.

    If you require any further information please let me know.

    Thank you
    Tracey Blair
    Personal Assistant


    Direct + 64 3 943 6371

    Registered Architects and Designers

    carboNZeroCertTM certified architects

    Issued on behalf of Warren and Mahoney Architects Limited
    Electronic data files are provided by Warren and Mahoney subject to conditions

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